Lexical Analysis

Lexical Analysis

This section belongs to the Lexical analysis course. This is a theoretical-practical course aimed at developing the student`s ability to use a high level of lexical accuracy in the construction of speech acts of different levels of complexity. Moreover, this course focuses on the development of vocabulary learning strategies in different areas of knowledge. In this course I learn the different processes of word formation in the English language, lexical items, idioms and collocations. Everything will be in a communicative context. I hope you, reader, enjoy the course content as I enjoyed the course.

1. Certamen (25%)

2. Quizzes (25%)

3. Video creation (20%)

4. Class activities & homework (10%)

5. E-portfolio (10%)

6. Self & co-evaluations (10%)
November 11

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November 25

History of the English language

Introduction to sociolinguistics

Word formation processes