Writing skills

Writing: Productive skill

Writing involves communicating a message (something to say) to someone.

Writing subskills. (Related to accuracy)

- Using correct forms of language.
- Spelling correctly
- Forming letter correctly
- Writing legibly
 - Punctuating correctly
- Using correct layout
- Choosing the right correct vocabulary
- Writing subskills (related to accuracy)
- Using grammar correctly
- Choosing the right correct vocabulary
- Joining sentences correctly
- Using paragraphs correctly

To teach the writing subskills we need to focus on accuracy in writing.

Written Text types

- Single words only
- Short sentences or long sentences
- Use or not use of note form
- Paragraphs
- Special layouts; letter forms etc.


- Focus on both accuracy and on building up and communicating a message
- Variety of writing subskills.
- Write short texts of a few words or sentences, copying models.
- Write longer texts; letters, emails, composition.

Writing activities

- Completing gaps in sentences with correct word
- Taking note for listening comprehension

e.g. telephone message
- Writing one word answers to reading comprehension questions.

- These activities are very useful for teaching grammar, and checking listening and reading.

But they do not teach the skills of writing.

Writing process:

- brainstorming
- making note
- planning
- writing a draft
- editing
- producing another draft
- proof-reading