Method, Approach and Techniques.

In the first unit of the course, we covered the definition of some elemental topics in Didactics. Method, Approach and Techniques. The definitions of each one had been taken from Marianne Celce-Murcia.

Approach: An approach to language teaching is something that reflects a certain model or research paradigm. This term is the broadest of the three.

Method: A method is a set of procedures, i.e., a system that spells out rather precisely how to teach a second or foreign language. It is more specific than approach.

Techniques: Techniques are a wide variety of exercises, activities or tasks used in the language classroom for realizing lesson objectives. Also, are specific activities manifested in the classroom that were consistent with a method and therefore were in harmony with an approach as well.


In my opinion, this is the most important and also the basis of the subject. These definitions are fundamental for every teacher. Knowing what is each one you can develop and guide your teaching style.