In the contemporary world, technology is in every place. When we were walking on the streets or when we are driving looking for a place we can use many smart phones applications to find the place. The same technology is always in our hands. Since the development of smart phones in the 00’s, technology in communication had been growing day by day. Therefore, CALL development is very useful nowadays. The use of technology in classroom is almost a must in our era. Exclusive material for CALL purposes had been developed in the last years and some other had been adapted from existing computer-based programs and/or applications.

Call is important nowadays because it offers a variety of resources to improve our skills. For instance pronunciation due that CALL has the required programs to be more communicative and learn the language easily. There are a lot of CALL programs to improve pronunciation as Tell Me More, Saundz, Accent Master, etc… In addition, internet pages are also an important and wide range of resources. For example, YouTube has lot of materials, videos, explanations, conversations etc… that we as teachers can use in the classroom. Smartphone applications are also a very useful resource in classroom, and also motivating for students. In smartphones students can have dictionaries, translation apps, grammar dictionaries etc… CALL came to the classroom to develop the student performance and also to help teachers to prepare more attractive classes to the students and motivate them to learn English in real context and in an entertaining way.