Behaviourism is the standard way to teach.
Teaching is based on how the student learns.
Learning is based on repetition.
Learning is interactive, building on what the students already know.
Teachers disseminate information to students.
Teachers have a dialogue with students.
Students are recipients of knowledge
Teacher Helps students to construct their own knowledge.
Teacher’s role is directive, rooted in authority.
Teacher’s role is interactive, rooted in negotiation.
Assessment is through testing, correct answers.
Assessment includes student works, observations, and points of view, as well as tests. Process is as important as product.
Knowledge is seen as inert.
Knowledge is seen as dynamic, ever changing with our experiences.
Students work primarily alone.
Students work primarily in groups.
Errors should be avoided.
Mistakes are part of the learning process.

Here I have a comparative chart with the most important points of Behaviourism and Constructivism. Both are the most common teaching styles that predominate in the classroom. But Behaviourism, also known as "Traditional teaching" is more used than Constructivism.

For me Constructivism is better than Behaviourism because the student is the center of the class. And teacher only facilitate the content, acting as an imput. In addition, the knowledge is more dynamic because the student constructs his learning from his own experiences.

This information is very important to know and for being aware of what methodology we are going to use in the classroom with our students in the future.