Retelling: Goldilocks and the three bears (Rich boy and the poor family)

Once upon a time in a big city, close to the suburbs and beside of a river, stood the cottage where the poor family lived. They were not really a poor family because the father had a job, not the best job, but he had one. The mother did not has a job, but sometimes she made some hand made sweaters and sold it. Only the child could be described as a poor child. Because he did not has a work, he did not has money.

Each people had his own room in the little house, the father had it's own room in the house with all their tools for work, the mom had a bed full of fleece, fleecesticks and sweaters and the poor child had a room with many toys that has been made by his father.

One day Mother bear made a nice food. It was a new crunchy and dazzling recipe... with simple ingredients, like potatoes, beans, and green vegetables. And she said: ''I have forgot one ingredient! Let's go to the supermarket for it!''

But at the same time, when the poor family left their house, one rich child passed by the cottage, and he felt attracted by the smell. He said: '' what an ugly house that people have! I'm going to peer inside; It won't be beautiful like my house'' Knock! Knock! Not sound!

Then he went into the empty house and started to explore the kitchen for some food. And a special strange food. ''I'll taste it. Does not look very apropiate, but smells so good'' he said. And the rich boy finally ate all the poor family's food.

While the boy was continued exploring the house, he found the child's room, full of toys... and also a bed... he fell asleep on the child's bed.

''Not quite'' but almost, the father noticed something strange in the house. Hurry!! he cried, Someone is in our house!! Somebody has globbed up the dinner! and it dashed into the kitchen! I knew it!

They found the boy at the child's room and awakened him. He had frightened about the poor fammily and he was starting to run away while the father shouting: ''Get away and never come back!!!''

but the child said to the rich boy '' don't run away! come and play with me and my toys''...