Story 6

Story Six

It was a raining day and I was driving back home after a hard day at work. I stopped on a red light and suddenly a man got into the car, the man was my brother Tito, he asked to me if I could take him to his flat. I did not accept because I had to take my daughter from the school that is next to my home. Tito decided remains into the car and go with me before to arrives to his flat.
On the road while I was driving we saw a police car at the front of the school, and I thought that it was an emergency in the school and the children was standing outside under the rain completely wet.

I was looking for my daughter but I did not find her. I talked to her teacher and he told me that she never arrived to the school today. In that moment my cellphone began to ring, it was a misterious sick voice and told me that she had my daughter. Her voice was feeling worried and I answered... Who are you??!!! While I was screaming... Calm down! She said... I am your sister Gabriela... at the afternoon while I was driving near the school I saw your daughter under the rain and I took she and came to my home to change her wet clothes. If yoyu want, you can come here and take she to your house, and Tito looked me and told me, good! She lives near my house.