Book Review - Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes and The Duke's Son (4 chapters)

Dr. Thorneycroft Huxtable came to see Sherlock after a very hard journey from the north of England. The purpose of his visit was it that Dr. Huxtable needed the Sherlock Holmes helps but he saids to the doctor that he was in another case. Dr Thorneycroft talks about the offering and the 500 pounds for any information about the Duke's son, the boy was a student of the priory school and The Duke decided to send his son to there.

The doctor began with his story and gave some information about the disappearance and also with the boy a German teacher was disapear too. After the conversation the doctor and Sherlock was traveled to the north.

 Inmediatly in the north Holmes started in the case. He looked at the school and and saw the boy's room and determined some clues for the searching. Holmes was thinking that the german teacher was who rapted the boy, but Sherlock needed more clues to know all the truth. Watson and Holmes watched a town's map and begin an adventure to looking for the Duke's son. Both, during the road, found a lot of tracks in the ground, cow-tracks, sheep-tracks and the most important was the bycicle-track, because at the end of them they found the german teacher, die.
With this track has nothing more to do, so they came back to the second track and they began to follow it and the track was finished at the Green Man's house.